Hello, I’m Larry Robertson.

I launched ROBERTSON BURNS in 1993.

My purpose has been to help current and aspiring leaders to lift their games and to truly lead.

With the encouragement of sleeping partner and alter ego Burns, I have had the good fortune to work with organisations large and small right around the world. Some had lost their way and, with it, their stakeholders’ confidence; others were seeking to raise capital or wanting to divest; and others were competing for significant global mandates.

In so doing, I’ve had the opportunity to support thousands of people of different cultures, backgrounds and roles. Several faced major and often high-profile challenges; others aspired to more senior positions; some were just setting out on their careers; others were looking to change direction; and many more simply wanted their team to win.

I have shown them how to maximise their personal effectiveness; to ensure they can be their own personal ‘model of excellence’, even in the most challenging circumstances, and to be an inspiring and impactful participant and leader, not only at work but in every aspect of their lives.

Most importantly, I have been able to help them understand that real leadership is relationship, founded on the core principles of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual purpose. In my new book, WHY listen to, work with and follow YOU?, I bring them to life as the 3 Qualities of True Leaders.

After 30 years, Burns is burnt out and I’m now on my own. Building on my experience not only from this role but also from my earlier careers in the military and advertising, I am challenging myself to make even more of a difference for those who genuinely want to step up, be their best and make a worthwhile impact for others and themselves.

Put simply, I’m still in the help business. And I’m ready to help you if you would value my support.

To learn more, please visit my new website or email me at larry@larryrobertson.net