What our clients say

It is the best, most useful coaching I’ve ever had. Your advice is applicable in every situation where I need to talk with people.

International Banking Group

Head of Commercial Banking

My senior management group is now beginning to think and act as a team. Your emphasis on open communication and how to achieve it has certainly been a key factor.

National Retail Group

Managing Director

We have tried all the known providers in this area and, frankly, Robertson Burns is the best.

Thank you.

Top 5 Australian Listed Company

GM - Investor Relations

Thank so much to Robertson Burns. You are truly inspiring.

Global Investment Company

Managing Director

Showing me how to retain my own inner comfort and confidence when under pressure, you helped me deliver clarity, credibility and control and so meet expectations. That alone was highly impressive, but to achieve this in such a short time-frame was extraordinary. Thank you.

Top 10 Australian-listed company

Acting CEO

In just four months we have managed to improve our Customer Advocacy Result by over 60% and the trend continues upwards. I put this down to the work we have been doing together. Thank you.

Asia International Bank

Regional Manager

By working discreetly, one-on-one, and by focusing on real issues, your approach to personal communication skills development is just right.

International Management Consultancy


A big thank you for your help which was clearly of tangible benefit. By the time we met the client we were ready to march through a brick wall to get to the objective and that was what was needed. Our sense is that the client’s minds were made up in the negative before the meeting and we turned things around there. So thank you for your truly expert assistance with this important win.

Global Strategy Firm


Robertson Burns makes men, and women, of mice.

Business Council of Australia


We couldn’t have done it without you, Mr Burns.


Leading International Professional Services Firm

Senior Partner & CEO

Your help has been invaluable and your energy and enthusiasm immeasurable.

Leading International Legal Firm


Your advice has been inspirational. You have given me much to think about, and to ultimately build into my leadership.

Leading Global Strategy Company

Senior Executive

Thank you for your terrific contribution. The time we spent together was invaluable – one of the highlights of my career. To see how you contributed as part of the team, brought some great ideas and challenged others, and made them ours. We were well and truly “larried”, and it was gold! And I know success was that the clients walked up the road afterwards asking themselves, “How can we possibly change?”. And they didn’t. Priceless!

International Professional Services Firm


Before we sought

Robertson Burns’s assistance,

I rated our chances at less than 30%.

Frankly, you won this for us!

Global Investment Bank

Regional CEO