Times of change and uncertainty require strong leadership. But how do managers, executives and directors lead effectively, especially when the pressure is on and the stakes are high?

Leadership quality – that’s about disposition, not position – has the greatest impact on an organisation’s performance. Success, and failure, starts at the top. The challenge for leaders is to fully understand and respond to the issues in the minds of all stakeholders. Only then can you as a leader successfully share your vision, inspiration, trust and direction and so bring others with you. Put simply, you must influence and inspire, not just inform. In practice, this means ensuring that you are always able to achieve two clear objectives, whatever the pressure or circumstance: first, that you come across as the Most of Yourself – focused and effective yet, at the same time, authentic, composed, personable and appropriate – and second, that you are listened to, understood, believed and followed.

Leadership is both science and art. The science is knowing one’s stuff, clearly determining the purpose, vision and direction, and defining the strategy. Here, we can help you to clarify your thinking and decide the way forward. We also address the art, working with you and your team to articulate your desired values and culture – the “glue” – and helping you to exemplify the associated behaviours necessary to drive sustainable change and achieve success. We show you how to make a measurable difference, not as a champion of one but as a leader of others.

Some of the challenges with which we can help you:

» Strategic narrative
» Engagement and alignment
» Tensions, solutions and decisions
» Board and shareholder meetings
» Building and leading teams
» Organisational savvy


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