Our Impact

Some examples where we’ve made a worthwhile difference:

  • Assisting a young director representing 20% of a listed ex-Chinese government owned entity to influence his fellow Board members with the result that a new chairman, CEO and CFO were appointed and the strategy changed to achieve double the prospectus forecast in year one.
  • Advising the CEO of one of Australasia’s largest manufacturing companies on numerous matters including successfully negotiating the end of a three month company-wide industrial dispute.
  • Advising the chairman of a major global resources company on stakeholder engagement as the company lost almost half its market capitalization, with the result that the chairman and directors retained their roles and the company ultimately became the sector’s largest.
  • Advising the CEO of an international media company on managing competing stakeholder tensions at the start of the global financial crisis when the company was losing market share, had limited cash reserves and owed lenders over US$1bn. Its shareholders were demanding a special dividend and the Board was being advised to buy a “cheap” competitor. The company is thriving today.
  • Facilitating the development of a strategic narrative for a South-East Asian industrial company ahead of its IPO (Singapore SX). The company became so successful that it is now privately owned after its major shareholder bought out all the other stockholders within three years of listing.
  • Advising on the strategy and the execution that enabled one of the world’s leading professional services firms to win its biggest ever mandate (and the largest of its kind globally to date).
  • Advising the CEO of a Middle East based organization how best to negotiate a very significant potential liability (>US$400m) resulting in a settlement of just 10% of the amount initially claimed.
  • Closely supporting the newly appointed external CEO of a large publicly listed property company as he worked with his leadership team and developed a new strategy which has proven successful. We continue to advise the company on a range of leadership and stakeholder engagement matters.
  • Advising the CEO of the regional office of a major international bank during the global financial crisis, when the local entity suffered a very high profile default and the group’s main Board resolved to end its 130-plus year presence in the region. The CEO subsequently dissuaded the Board and held his job. The bank’s regional office remains open and continues to employ several thousand people.
  • Advising the newly installed GM of a subsidiary of a global industrial company responsible for an out-of-favour processing plant on how to lead the business with the result that, instead of closing the facility down with the inevitable adverse impact on the local community, the group’s Board instead voted that it receive a large capital injection.
  • Negotiating the resolution of a lengthy property development dispute that involved local and state government officials, heritage bodies, the local community, neighbouring property owners and the proponent.
  • Encouraging a young Australian lawyer, already on partner track with a major firm, to challenge himself and find his true ambition. Now based in California, he’s leading a fast growing technology business that is successfully applying “big data” to help solve some of the developing world’s most intractable problems.  
  • Assisting the Australian Prime Minister’s appointed president of APEC at the 2007 APEC meeting in Sydney.
  • Coaching numerous senior executives to attain C-suite positions, including CEO and CFO.
  • Helping many clients’ family members as they prepare for university, scholarship, post-graduate and job interviews.
  • Presentations to large business audiences in Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Auckland, Beijing, Brisbane, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Lagos, Lisbon, London, Melbourne, New Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto.