Our story

Advisor. Facilitator. Coach.

More than ever before, people everywhere are rightly demanding clarity, certainty and integrity from those in charge. They also want to be heard and respected.

Leaders at every level have to lead by example, to be accountable, focused and resilient, and to communicate powerfully and consistently. They must also be self-aware and adaptable, and able to develop, encourage and bring those around them with them.

As advocate, pathfinder and coach, they must know how to connect meaningfully with others – to facilitate, to collaborate, to motivate and to rally wholehearted support for their ideas while also addressing the perceptions, concerns and aspirations of others.

No, it’s not easy. But it is what’s required of every true leader, every time.

Only leaders who fully engage with all their constituents can achieve outstanding sustainable results.

Since 1993, we have worked with executives from some of the world’s largest and most diverse organisations, with chairmen and chief executives, with senior executives and highly qualified and talented young managers, and with professionals and politicians.

We show them how to maximise their personal effectiveness as leaders and communicators; and how to ensure they can be their own personal ‘model of excellence’, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Only in this way will they, as leaders, have others listen, believe and come with them.

Our success will be measured by yours. Your success may depend on us.

Our aim is always to help existing and aspiring leaders give their most, be their best – and be better leaders.

Working as adviser, coach and trainer – one on one and with groups and teams – or as facilitator or speaker, our focus is on delivering measurable, lasting value.

Our First Principles of Trust, Respect and Purpose, encapsulated in The Robertson Burns Way and reflected in our counsel, guide our work and set us apart.


As they work with us, our clients find that these tenets capture the essence of what we are striving to achieve together. And they are your way of knowing who we are and what we stand for.

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